FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions: Turkish Translators wanted ? Turkish Interpreters needed?

Turkish translation services - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

These are some  frequently asked questions by our clients when they contact us using the searc words: ‘Turkish Translators  wanted / needed or Turkish translation London‘.

  1. Question: Do you accept urgent Turkish translations?

Answer: Yes we do. However, it is always good if you let us know in advance about your translation inquiry.

2. Question: We are looking for Turkish translators & Turkish interpreters. Who are your Turkish translators? Are they qualified and experienced in their fields?

Answer: Professional Turkish Translators wanted? All our Turkish translators have at least Masters degree in  Turkish Translation.  They are postgraduates from the University of London. They are bilingual both in English & Turkish.  They have at least 15 years of  Turkish > < English interpreting and translation experience in various business  companies, government institutions, HM Courts, solicitors, and hospitals etc.

3. We need a  Turkish speaker / Turkish translator & interpreter, how quickly could you arrange a Turkish translator / interpreter for me?

Answer:  If you need a Turkish interpreter in London we can  arrange it as soon as possible, depending on the availability of  our Turkish interpreter. Please do get in touch with us if you need a Turkish language  interpreter or translator  and   our Turkish translation services outside  London, for example:


We also provide Turkish translation services in Sheffield – Glasgow – Southampton – Portsmouth – Liverpool – Newcastle – Nottingham – Bristol – Belfast – Leicester – London  (UK)

Please contact us for the Turkish translation services  for the above UK cities.

Question: Turkish translators needed. Do you provide Turkish interpreters for EUROPE (E.U) & TURKEY?

Answer: Yes we do. If you  you need a Turkish interpreter for anywhere in EUROPE (E.U) & TURKEY, please do get in touch with us. Sometimes, some of our clients need a Turkish language interpreter for  3 or 4 or 5 days  and 1 week training sessions, seminars, and international conferences. As most of our Turkish translators & interpreters are dual nationals ( Turkish & EU nationals) they have no restrictions to travel anywhere within the European Union for  your Turkish interpreting and translation meetings.

Question: What is  the Turkish language like?

Answer :  The Turkish language is spoken by nearly 80 million speakers in Turkey. Turkish language belongs to the Turkic Ural Altaic language family. Main characteristics of the Turkish language is suffixation and vowel harmony. It is completely different from the other European ‘Indo-European languages interms of syntax and suffixation. Let’s take one example of ‘suffixation process in Turkish language’: Anlayabiliyor musunuz? it is all one word and the English translation means ‘ Can you understand? Anla+y+abil+iyor+mu+sunuz . Here the stem of the verb : understand/’anla’  and can/’abil’ and ‘iyor’ is the tense marker and ‘mu’ is the interrogative form, sunuz is the third person plural ‘you’.

Question: What are your Turkish translation rates

Answer: It depends on the type of translation :  Turkish to English Translation ( Band A) or English to Turkish translation (Band B).  You send us the document  to be translated and we will provide you a price quotation (with  low cost and affordable Turkish translation rates)  depending on the type of Turkish document translation, e.g: legal, medical, standard, technical translation. We calculate the number of words ( in Microsoft word document word count option) and we give you a precise quotation for Turkish document translation services.

Question: Turkish translators wanted!  Do you provide Turkish subtitling services?

Answer: Yes, we do.  For English to Turkish or Turkish to English subtitle or video & audio translation: please see our Turkish subtitle services page for more information.

Question: Does your Turkish translation agency  provide  you a Turkish interpreter in Istanbul or other European cities such as Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Budapest, Stuttgart, Prague and Rome etc.?

Answer Yes we can provide a Turkish interpreter for any of these European cities above -providing that the cost of travel – paid by our clients and minimum 2 or 3 days booking needed  for the EU Turkish interpreting services.