Turkish Translation Charges:

Our charges and prices for Turkish to English & English to Turkish translation depend on the type of the text to be translated – we will supply you with a quote for your approval by email.

The following Turkish Translation prices chart, shows our standard rates as a guide – based on number of words of the document to be translated from Turkish into English or vice versa.:

Band A (translation from Turkish into English)
Standard rate rates calculated per 1,000 words (depending on the  document type) please specify document type by email: e.g: letter, medical, legal, technical etc.
Hourly rate applies to face to face & phone Turkish >< English interpreting – translation
Minimum charge Please contact us by email. for Turkish  >< English translation / one page or less
Band B (translation from English into Turkish)
Standard rate rates calculated per 1,000 words  (depending on document) please specify document type by email: e.g: Techincal, legal, social letter, article etc.
Hourly rate applies  to face to face & phone English >< Turkish interpreting – translation
Minimum charge Please contact us. for English  >< Turkish translation / one page or less

For Turkish –English Interpreting hourly rates and charges please contact us by email. Because hourly interpreting charge  depends on the location, nature of interpreting session and the type of interpreting whether it is conference interpreting or simultaneous    or consecutive interpreting and the hours of work involved.

You probably noticed that we charge more for translating from Turkish into  English translation. This is simply because Turkish language is an agglutinative language based on long suffixation in one word and  contain more compound words, and therefore longer words, than Indo-european languages such as English.

Please note that we are not in favor of small prints*  However, we price most translations at these standard rates, although we may add an additional fee  for documents which are urgent or extremely technical, or which have complex formatting or discontinuous text, or which are poorly legible. We will obviously let you know  if we are adding a supplement  charge when we quote for your translation prior to your final confirmation.

We – as Turkish translation services  – offer a discount  for translating very repetitive text. The hourly rate is charged in some circumstances where the standard rate is not appropriate.

If you would like a quotation from us  please let us  know by email: