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For professional Turkish translation, all Turkish translators must be fully qualified and experienced  in  both from Turkish to English and Turkish to English translation.

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Please see the attached  research article for professional Turkish Translation-from-Turkish-into-English-in-the-UK-and-Ireland academic article.

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What is a professional Turkish Translation? 

  1. For professional Turkish translation: A translated text must be accurate and correct  linguistic terminology must be used.
  2. if a translator claims to be a professional, then he or she must avoid using machine translation. Machine Turkish translation can not render the meaning accurately and artificial translation fails to understand the context of any translation material.
  3. If the source language is Turkish and target translation is English, then the terminology and syntax must mach in the target language. If the translators have limited experience either in source  or target language, then the translation is likely to have many syntax or lexical errors. So:

What makes a translation ‘Professional‘?

Why choose a professional Turkish translator?Here are some of the key points to mention for professional Turkish translation:

Meaning:  Has the meaning been conveyed by properly and accurately? Has the meaning of an utterance or a sentence changed in the target translation, If the meaning has not been rendered accurately, we can not call it : ‘professional Turkish translation‘. A professional Turkish translator always aim to translate accurately and making sure that the meaning of a technical term matches between the source and target languages.

Code of ethics of professional Turkish translation:  A professional Turkish translator must always follow ‘the guide lines of code of ethics for translators‘.   Confidentiality  is  very important for professional translation. All documents  for  Turkish interpreting or translation must be kept confidential under all circumstances., we make sure that our translators follow the guide lines of professional code of ethics for turkish translators.

Lets now uncover the facts on :   ‘ whats is Professional Turkish translation‘ :

Professional Turkish translation agency facts for Turkish translatorsDistortion: If the meaning of  a text translated  English to Turkish & Turkish to English translation changes dramatically, we call it ‘distortion‘. That means that translated text has not the same meaning as the source language. Yes, believe it or not,  this happens often if you do not choose a professional Turkish translator. For example a translator can be linguistically competent in Turkish language if the translator has spent his entire life in Turkey. But how about the target language: English? Can this translator translate a text professionally from Turkish to English? The answer is probably not! Because he/she lacks linguistic experience in England or in an English speaking country. So his/her knowledge of English language will be an artificial one gained as academic language experience in a Turkish speaking environment. Therefore if you want to choose a Professional Turkish translator or Turkish translation company. you should make sure that you choose bilingual Turkish translators who  have  linguistic experiences both in a Turkish or English speaking country.

Omission: If a translator omits  a chunk of information from a translated text, then so called ‘omission’ occurs. This can happen  because of various reasons such as lack of concentration, lack of knowledge of a particular linguistic term or the translator may find a lexical word difficult to translate between  Turkish and English languages. For sure: This is not a professional Turkish translation! Any  professional Turkish translation must always follow the professional code of professional conduct for translation services.

Turkish Interpreters and translators encounter a variety of ethical issues and questions in the course of their work. Ethical behavior and the maintenance of high ethical standards are essential to good practice, in developing the profession and in maintaining positive opinions and perceptions. As explained in Code of ethics PDF  for Turkish translators:

The general principles contained in the different codes of ethics require translators and interpreters to:
• Respect their clients’ right to privacy and confidentiality
• Disclose any real or perceived conflicts of interest
• Decline to undertake work beyond their competence or accreditation levels
• Relay information accurately and impartially between parties
• Maintain professional detachment and refrain from inappropriate self-promotion
• Guard against misuse of inside information for personal gain. The principle involved is accuracy, which indicates that translators use their best judgement in remaining faithful at all times to the meaning of the Turkish & English text. This means optimal and complete message transfer into the
target language that preserves the content and intent of the source text without omission or distortion.
Accuracy is crucial and translations should reflect the original document’s content accurately and faithfully.
Any changes that result in a different meaning, when compared to the English original, are unacceptable.  A translator should not be involved in producing a document that does not accurately reflect the meaning of the original document.”

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