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Professional Turkish document translation offered by Turkish-translators.com is remarkably flawless and professional and at a very reasonable price. We are one of the best Turkish Translation Companies available in London, UK. However, we serve our clients from all over the world.


Document Types:  There are many  types of “Turkish document translation ” such as :

  • Turkish Text or file  document Translation, both from English to Turkish or Turkish into English. Your documents can be in various formats  depending on your document file. for example: some of the supported file formats: Word: doc, docx; PDF: pdf; Excel: xls, xlsx; Powerpoint; ppt, pptx; Text xml, txt. and so on.
  • Legal document translation  from Turkish to English or from English to Turkish

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We translate documents from Turkish to English.

  • Translate Documents from English to Turkish
  • Turkish book translation

We  also offer document translation services from English into Turkish

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Your Turkish translators did a brilliant translation! I am particularly impressed with how quickly you were able to translate the documents and return them to me. It was an excellent Turkish document translation!”  (A.J. Summers – London)


Turkish document translation Services: Within our network of certified and native linguists we have only qualified Turkish legal translators specifically trained in ‘legalese’ and practice-area specific terminology. In addition to Turkish document translation, we also offer a range of legal and litigation services including Turkish document management, Turkish terminology and documentation advice, especially with some ambiguous document terminology. Please contact us for all your English to Turkish document translation  or Turkish to English Document translation  projects.
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A document file format is a text  file format for storing documents on a storage media,  usb, hard disc or micro discs especially for use by computers. Some of the common document formats used for Turkish  document translation are as follows:

  • Microsoft Word doc file
  • PDF file
  • XML file
  • DocBook ( an XML format)
  • Office Open XML ( This one s used with files and documents with docx extentions)
  • Txt .extention simple files and documents

Please always  state us:   Whether you need   a Turkish to English or English to Turkish document translation. In other words always state  your source and target languages and in which area of technical translation. For example:

  •  legal  documents or marketing  or advertising materials used for business purposes
    – Video or Film  or audio production materials for voice transcription
    – Technical documents of any types from engineering to medical translation
    – Website  translation from English into Turkish
    – Company reports, contracts, and business meeting documents
    – Financial documents such as bank statements etc
    – Legal documents for example; Turkish court statements, affidavits etc
    –  and other type of documents.

Turkish Document Translation Services: TURKISH-TRANSLATORS.com has everything you need for Turkish translation. Our Turkish translation experts will translate documents, text and web pages from English to Turkish . For professional, human translations in Turkish get an instant free quote from our expert translators.

Still searching for Professional Turkish Document Translations?  We are one of the best English to Turkish translation services.  Our Turkish-translators.com offers multiple Turkish translation services and has particular expertise in the following areas:

English to Turkish Document Translation

Best English to Turkish document translation

Best English to Turkish document translation by qualified translators. Business, marketing, legal and all types of documents translated from English to Turkish or vice versa.

In general, Turkish document translation refers to the translation of printed materials such as, legal documents, affidavits, witness statements medical inserts, user guides, financial information, court hearings, and many more.

Our experienced Turkish document translators  offer different versions and formats of Turkish document to English or English document to Turkish. You can also try  Pdf to word file or XL  format in online Turkish document translation website  but please don’t forget machine document translation is always full of textual and grammatical errors and therefore always use a human professional translator for  your Turkish  document translations.

Turkish Document Translation Service from Turkish-translators.com, a leading global Turkish translation company offering translations of documents, websites and marketing material for many of our clients world-wide.

Professional English to Turkish translation service by expert and qualified Turkish translators. We provide all types of Turkish documents translations: legal Turkish translation – technical Turkish translation, business Turkish translation – and Turkish interpreting .

For your official documents, there are special rules and various levels of authorised translation for use by government and non-governmental bodies in both Britain and Turkey. We will guide you through the process and help you understand the particular level which you may need. For instance: Certified Turkish translation service and how the certification process applies on official documentation.

Simply upload by email an English or TURKISH document and click ” CONTACT US form on our website”. 2. We will do our best to translate full documents to and from English and instantly download the result with the original layout preserved. 3 As per your request we can translate English documents to Turkish in multiple office formats (PowerPoint, PDF, OpenOffice , Word, Excel, text) by simply uploading and sending us as an email document attachment …

Some of the frequently  asked questions :

  1. How do you translate a Turkish document ? Your documents are translated by our professional Turkish translators. We make sure that all your  documents are accurately translated  and we make sure that the  accuracy, meaning, and terminology  are used properly and accurately in all Turkish documents translated from English into Turkish or vice-versa.
  2.  What document formats  do you accept? Normally,  most of our clients send their documents either in Word.docx file  or Pdf but some of the supported file formats are: Word: doc, docx; PDF: pdf; Excel: xls, xlsx; Powerpoint; ppt, pptx; Text xml, txt. and so on.
  3.  How can I send the document files to be translated from English to Turkish? You can send your documents by email as an attachment.
  4. Can you translate  a Turkish PDF or Word  document? Yes, these are the most common documents translated from English into Turkish or from Turkish into English
  5. Who are your Turkish translators? All our Turkish translators are highly qualified to translate  all types of documents  such as Turkish legal documents, medical documents, Birth certificates, passports and so on …  (from English to Turkish  or vice versa.)  Our Turkish translators have at least MA degree in Turkish translation studies and have experience  of at least 15 years or over in translation documents from English into Turkish.

We know that there are many “free, online Turkish translation service” which translates office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, OpenOffice, text) into multiple languages, preserving the original layout. Supported file formats: Word: doc, docx; PDF: pdf; Excel: xls, xlsx; Powerpoint; ppt, pptx; Text xml, txt.. but How reliable and accurate the free online Turkish translation? This is the queston!

One of the most important aspects of Turkish document translation is to convey the meaning accurately and without omission or distortion. You should make sure that your Turkish translator is well qualified and has many years of translation experience

Document Translation from Turkish into English

Try our turkish document translation translators in Turkey, UK, London, USA, Canada, Australia

Turkish to English Document Translation :

When we mention Turkish to English Document translation we mean that the source language is Turkish and whereas the Target language is English.

Translate documents page from English to Turkish or Turkish to English?

Whether you need subtitles or English dubbing for a youtube video or Turkish movie, Turkish business documents in English, or academic texts translated to English, We can assure you that our Turkish translation service will be provided professionally and accurately by human translators not by machines.. We provide Turkish to English document translation, including technical, legal, marketing, website, medical, certified, financial and personal document translation services. Our professional Turkish – English translation services are one of the best translation companies available in the UK.

Professional Turkish Document Translations offers multiple Turkish translation services and has particular expertise in the following areas: Business Translation, Legal translation; Financial translation; Technical translation; Medical translation; Immigration translation….

We provide Turkish translation services for law firms, courts, public authorities and various small and large companies from numerous sectors both in government and business sectors . Please bear in mind that a certified translation is a correct and semantically identical translation of the original document, endorsed, stamped and signed by a translator authorised to certify.

Turkish Certified Translation:

A Turkish certified translation is simply a typed document that has been translated into Turkish for official reasons. The certification involves a legal record stating to the accuracy of the Turkish translation. Government offices and agencies and legal or medical institutions often require certified Turkish Translation.

If you are searching a translation company that provides certified Turkish translations:
You should find out what level of certification services are provided. It is crucial to understand the different methods of certification,
a :  certified by a qualified Turkish translator
b: certified and authorized by the Notary public. Turkish official institutions often require the stamp a notary public. Whereas in the UK, the certified translation by a qualified Turkish translator is often sufficient.

For some translated materials, including bank statements, diplomas,court affidavids & statements , you should have the translation certified by an experienced & qualified Turkish translator. Whould acknowledge that translation is accurate and complete.

Translate Contracts from Turkish to English or English to Turkish? Are you searching Turkish to English Document Translation and translators ?

In reality, the professional Turkish translation of legal or technical documents or texts must be succinct in meaning and terminology. The translators should be an academic or scholar and linguist with the amount of textual or terminology research work. Hence the translator should write its actual meaning that will never, in any circumstances, distort the semantics from the original content, even if a precise translation is not possible.

Turkish document translation starts with an in detail analysis of source documentation for formatting requirements, word count, and subject matter. Following this, the source document is imported into a translation memory, which the translation group will use for terminology management to ensure the consistency of the translation across all of your documents .

It is very important to convey the original meaning of the source document, translation certification is required. BELOW is the list of the type of documents that often require Turkish certified translation:

  • marriage and divorce certificates,
  • birth  certificates,
  • legal contracts,
  • academic records,
  • customs and immigration documents,
  • police records,
  • adoption papers,
  • legal wills,
  • financial records,
  • real estate deeds,
  • medical records
  • contracts,  bank statements and  many more…

We will require various “DOCUMENTS” files and information before we start your Turkish translation project. You will need to provide us desktop publishing files (for example, Pdf, docx.qxd, .tif, .doc, and .fm), fonts and graphics We will carefully calculate the word count and will let you know as soon as possible.

Turkish Subtitling Translation

Turkish Business meetings Translation

Turkish Website Translation

Turkish legal document translation

Turkish subtitle translation services.

On the other hand,  a Professional Turkish translator must understand the actual linguistic context of the translation. Because this may affect the meaning either in Turkish or English especially when translating any complicated documents or texts . It is highly important to pay attention to various factors, including syntax, tone or register, terminology and phraseology.

Our Turkish Language document translation Services provide professional Turkish translation and localization services for a wide range of projects and documents. Your company documents will be in the hands of our experienced Turkish translators.

How to do  professional document Translation ?

A Turkish translator must have the necessary academic and professional skills in three fields: familiarity with the terminology used in documents and general knowledge of the theme of the source documents in the target language i.e.: Turkish or English languages. Turkish translators should have also competency in the target language’s particular writing style. It is often not recommended to do word for word translation when translating legal or any technical documents. We are specialised  in:

  1. Turkish to English Document translation,
  2. English to Turkish Document Translation.
  3.  There are different types of documentation, each with its own unique set of translation challenges. For example, Turkish software translation usually requires the Turkish translation of user manuals, print documentation, marketing  collateral. In contrast, the medical industry often requires inserts in both in Turkish and English translations and both versions must be spotless in terms of the grammar mistakes and syntax

Quality Turkish to English Document Translation

Some of our Turkish Document translation areas : Document translations for Tourism, Manufacturing/Industrial, technology, Engineering, Advertising Finance Security, Compliance, Advertising sciences, Training/Education. Government, Medical/Life Architecture, (educational), Sciences/Pharmaceutical, Energy, Entertainment, Internet/E-commerce, (games), / Automotive, Art/literary, Software Defense, Consumer products, (marketing), Education, Homeopathy, Banking Healthcare, Biotechnology, Construction, Business Information Metallurgy/casting, Software Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Environmental Safety, Hospitality, products, Marketing/Communications, Software, Law/Legal, Electronics, (media), Social / Aerospace, Telecommunications, Software (multimedia), Higher Financial/markets, Accounting, Chemical, and Construction.

Turkish document translation includes printed document translation, for example user manuals, diplomas, legal files, financial information , manuals, , medical files and texts etc . This translation project usually includes Turkish desktop publishing, which involves making sure that translated materials are properly formatted according to source document specifications

Please contact us if you need Turkish document Translation for any type of documents:


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