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Turkish legal translation requires expert Turkish translators & linguists and an in-depth understanding of Turkish to English legal terminology about legal translations of files, texts, witness statements and other legal documents from or into Turkish – English.

Turkish English and English Turkish professional translations provided by Turkish -Translators UK, a leading Turkish translation agency in London, UK: Turkish-translators.com.

‘Legal or Law translations’:

involve technical terminology more in the Cambridge English-Turkish Dictionary and many years of work experience in Turkish  legal translation and interpreting.

Did you mean the word: ‘Legal –  translate’?: (‘translation‘) Obviously., it involves for Turkish translators  and linguists-especially using more in the Cambridge English-Turkish Dictionary or Law dictionaries as well as having great deals of experience in working as Turkish translators at various solicitor firms in the UK.

Affordable Turkish Legal Translation

Turkish to English Legal Document Translation :

Turkish Legal Translation Service from Turkish-Translators.com, a leading global agency offering translation of legal documents, texts or employment contracts, legal statements, affidavits, court documents and so on.

English to Turkish Legal Document Translation :

English to turkish legal translation should be done by professional Translators

Our Turkish Translators provides legal translation services in English and Turkish. Translation London can help you in many fields, such as:

Accurate Turkish Legal Document Translation

Professional Turkish legal document translations :

  1. Turkish to English Legal Translation,
  2. English to Turkish legal Translation.

Professional Turkish legal document translations, always only calculated per page or per 1000 words with 24 hour turnaround for most legal Turkish or English documents or texts.
At our Turkish-translators agency, we offer high quality legal Turkish translations from English to Turkish and from Turkish to English. We make sure that the meaning in legal documents or texts are translated properly analyzing every little single legal terminology either in Turkish  English legal translation or  English to Turkish legal translation.

Our Turkish Translators all have over ten years of experience in legal translations. Our Translators have minimum:

  1. Post Graduate – M.A degree in Turkish Translation or Linguistics
  2. Experience in working as Turkish translators at various court hearings in the UK
  3. Experience in interpreting on legal matters between lawyers and clients in the UK
  4. Experience in translating legal documentation and files between Turkish and English
    There are often problems encountered in translating legal texts if the translation is not carried out by a qualified professional Turkish translator.
  5. All legal documents are translated by our expert Turkish translators who have already acted as ‘Turkish interpreters’ in various HM Courts and hearings.

The best English Turkish legal translation services

If you need high quality English Turkish legal translation services, Turkish-translators.com is the translation company you need. Simply send as an email :


If you want us translating your business and legal documents such as legal witness Statements from Turkish to English and vice versa at reasonable quality and cost ratios, we offer affordable Turkish translation rates, cheaper than most of our competitors.

Our Turkish translators provide professional Turkish legal translation services of legal documents and contracts, legal files, court statements, court hearing legal documents and texts….

We offer multiple Turkish translation services and have particular expertise in the following areas: Turkish Legal translation; Turkish Financial translation, Turkish Document translation, Turkish-English translation and interpreting services.