Turkish Medical Translation : Turkish to English & English to Turkish

turkish medical translationDo you need Turkish medical translation services? We are a team of Turkish translators specialised in Turkish to English & English to Turkish medical translation. All our translators at our Turkish translation services are bilingual in English & Turkish languages-  with at least an MA degree in Translation studies.

We translate English & Turkish medical documents and texts, medical reports, medical leaflets and brochures. For example, this may involve: Clinical research reports, protocols, case report forms, investigator brochures, informed consent forms,  quality of life questionnaires etc. We provide all types of turkish document translation

Turkish medical Translation is provided by top professional Turkish Medical translators with linguistics, translations studies and healthcare and medical background. Most of our Turkish  translators have been  working  for many years in various  British NHS and private hospitals as Turkish interpreters!

  • Pharmacy – Turkish medical translation:  Turkish Medical reports & marketing brochures, Turkish technical documentation, tests and methods, pharmacopoeia monographs, manufacturing process description, medicine information, and pharmaceutical technology etc
  • Turkish medical  equipment documents: English to Turkish  Manuals,  Turkish medical specifications, technical characteristics for medical and surgical devices and equipment.
  • Turkish to English Medical software translation:  Software materials, software medical document translation.
  • Human Medical Translation: internal medicine, Cardiology, endoscopy, emergency medicine, endocrinology, surgery, orthopedics, prosthetic, psychiatry, obstetrics, gynecology, dermatology, anesthesia, toxicology,  and microbiology etc.

Our Turkish translation agency also provides proofreading and editing services for your Turkish to English and English to Turkish translation projects…We have over 15 years of experience delivering Turkish translation services for pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, clinical research organizations (CROs), medical device manufacturers, and various hospitals in the UK.

Turkish Medical translation is the translation of technical, clinical or marketing documentation,regulatory,  software or training curriculum for the pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare fields. In the UK and most countries around the world require that literature and labeling associated with medical devices or pharmaceuticals.

Turkish To English & English to Turkish medical translation

What is important in choosing the right Turkish  Medical Translator?

  1. Medical Terminology is the most important part of any medical translation projects. A Turkish translator must be fully competent in translating the medical terminology between Turkish and English Languages.  Please see : English & Turklish Medical_Terms_PDF.
  2.  Accuracy of English to Turkish medical translation: A professional Turkish translators should have an understanding of Turkish and English medical terms and concepts used and should have a broad understanding of medicine as a scientific discipline.
  3. Turkish medical document translation  should be double checked and proof read  by various native Turkish translators and service provider even including medical experts and heath professionals Turkish medical translation involves human life factor,  therefore all the medical documents translated must be proof-read by medical specialists.If necessary a Turkish translator must prepare a statement of acknowledgement  for the medical service provider.

As well as the core Turkish translation skills listed above,medical Turkish  translators also require:

we provide English to turkish translation services

  • Excellent Turkish translation editing and proofreading skills
  • Excellent writing skills in their native language
  • Knowledge of a wide range of medical concepts and terminology
  • Strong reading, analysis and research skills
  • Computer and translation technology skills
    Project management skills
  • Access to appropriate Turkish&English resources and reference materials
  •  Knowledge of Turkish& English Linguistics and semantics.

Why Choose US ? [Turkish Translation Services]

First of all, we are a team of Professional Turkish translators.  Unlike other Turkish translation agencies, our Turkish translators are true linguist specialists in Turkish and English  translation and interpreting services:

  1. All Turkish translators have MA degree in Turkish translation studies.
  2. Have many years of translating and interpreting various British Hospitals in London UK
  3. Some of our translators have worked as University lecturers in London
  4. All our Turkish medical translators have intensive academic knowledge and expertise of Turkish – English medical terminology
  5. Our Turkish translation agency offers cost effective and reliable Turkish translation services in the UK and globally anywhere in the world.