Turkish Subtitling Services – English to Turkish or Turkish to English

Turkish Subtitling Services

We provide Turkish subtitling services.  We are not only a Turkish subtitling company but also a Turkish Translation agency. Our team of Turkish translators are experts in Turkish subtitles, on-screen text, including transcriptions, STL and SRT subtitle translations from English into Turkish or Turkish into English. We also provide accurate Turkish video translation services for subtitles  translation ‘English into Turkish and Turkish into English‘.

English to Turkish Subtitling & Translation Company

Turkish subtiting services from English into Turkish or vice versaWe as a ‘Turkish translation & subtitling agency’, have been producing Turkish subtitles from English in to Turkish or vice versa – over ten years for many subtitling companies in UK, Turkey, USA, Canada , Australia, Europe and worldwide.

Our Turkish translators have experience Turkish subtitles in all text & video formats including MPEG-2, MOV, FLV, WMV, etc. Turkish-translators.com always meet the deadlines for most of our translation projects

Our team of Turkish translators and ‘subtitlers’ have experience in working on a wide range of films and short video transcripts from Turkish into English or English into Turkish. Once we create a working copy with Turkish subtitles then you can double check the outcome of the subtitles and publish on video or film, or on the internet.

For example, some years ago our client sent us a short video in Turkish that she needed translated to English. She also needed the subtitles translated immediately . Therefore she was looking to use our subtitle translation service as well. We have experience in providing video and subtitle translation services, so at the end our client was very pleased with our subtitling services. We sometimes get Turkish to English and also English into Turkish subtitle requests from clients such as  CNN, BBC, and other  leading firms in the UK & Turkey,  and USA.

Who does the Turkish into English & English into Turkish subtitling translation at ‘TURKISH-TRANSLATORS.COM ?:

English to Turkish subtitle translation we offer best turkish translation rates– Experienced Turkish translators with over 15 years of translation experience
– Qualified team of Turkish language translators double check & proofread the texts.
– Bilingual Turkish & English translators who have experience in working both in the UK & Turkey.


Subtitle Styles :

In Turkish language ‘ Turkish subititle‘ ,means ‘ Turkce – Ingilizce alt yazi tercume /cevirisi’ .  There are many Turkish subtitles styles. For example, some were ‘burnt on’ to the video (also sometimes this is called open captions) and there should be a band behind the text in different colours for easy readability. There are various styles of subtitles to display on any video that you may choose for technical reasons.

Turkish to English Subtitling

Through our Turkish to English Subtitling Service based in London, we produce flawless subtitles in Turkish from your original English video, audio or film. We provide professional Turkish translation & subtitling services from start to finish, including proofreading of terminology, transcription, translation, and subtitling.

English to Turkish Subtitle Translations

Turkish to english Translators & Subtitling Services LondonFor Turkish subtitle translation, we have a team of Turkish translators who will translate the subtitles accurately in the target language ( Turkish & English ) directly from the video in the source language (English & Turkish). The Turkish subtitle translator would produce the necessary Turkish video document files that can then be used later on to create burnt-on Turkish subtitles.

Our Turkish translation Services in London ( Turkish-translators.com) provide full professional Turkish translation service producing not only Turkish translations but also Turkish document translation and Turkish voice-overs and Turkish interpreting services.

All our Turkish subtitle translators follow the code of ethics for translators. We make sure that all your translation projects are treated confidential and under no circumstances your subtitling or translation project details are never passed into third parties.

Turkish Transcription Services

Professional English to Turkish subtitle and video translation We also offer a Turkish transcription service for text, document and scripts for translation. We sometimes have to edit the English or Turkish versions of transcriptions to make sure that all Turkish & English transcriptions matches the versions of the original, this is because the written version of Turkish or English maybe shorter or longer in terms of the linguistic syntax. Obviously, the edited English or Turkish version of the transcriptions is approved by the client before we start the translation into Turkish & English.

Turkish Subtitle Translators

We often use Turkish subtitle translators to work on a large movie subtitle translation project for some leading media companies in the UK. Our subtitle projects involve translate subtitles for a large volume of movies and films or videos from English to Turkish. If you want to discuss in details with our Turkish subtitling translator please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer high quality subtitle translation services by professional subtitle Turkish translators. We as – Turkish translators.com -provide the best Turkish subtitle translation rates & prices.